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At Albano Pereira, we focus daily on presenting products with the highest quality that guarantee the total satisfaction of our customers. Through our quality management services, we are able to standardize all our processes while guaranteeing continuous improvement.


Albano Pereira exclusively develops footwear for several internationally renowned brands. To comply with these levels of quality and to ensure its positioning in the market, Albano Pereira invests in the technology of its machinery and in the permanent training of its employees, fulfilling the necessary high levels of quality.

We often produce luxury or limited editions that elevate the name of Albano Pereira to a reference in the production of footwear internationally.

Customer focus

The activities that we develop at Albano Pereira are totally directed to correspond in the best way to the needs of our customers. Our goal is to strengthen long-term cooperation and commitment to our customers. Our product development is customized to the smallest detail. from design to raw materials, through production to guarantee the full satisfaction of our customers.

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